You Have Protection.

It happens far too often – an employee makes a complaint, believing that he is doing “the right thing” by bringing the issue to management’s attention, but instead of being rewarded, the employee is “marked” and begins experiencing retaliation.  Sometimes this retaliation results in an employee’s termination.  Other times this retaliation results in the employee being harassed, transferred to a less desirable position, or demoted.  If you’re experiencing unfair retaliation, we can help.


Retaliation occurs when an employer refuses to hire you, fires you, cuts your pay, denies you a promotion, or harasses you because of something you did or said. If what you did or said was a legally-protected activity, you cannot be retaliated against.  “Protected Activities” include: 

Examples of actions that would not be protected include:

For retaliation to be actionable, it normally must result in an “adverse employment action,” such as a refusal to hire, a termination, a demotion, an undesirable transfer, or a reduction in compensation.


If you are a victim of retaliation, we can help:


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